Frequently Asked Questions
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Share Your Design™ Frequently Asked Questions

This page is entitled to answer the most typical questions that are asked about SyD™ and its requirements.

Who are supposed to be the typical users of SyD™?

Share Your Design is a dedicated tool to support the collaboration of Architects and clients, to create a documentation of a building evolving from questions and their answers. SyD will not replace any rendering engine, CAD viewer or 3D walkthrough feature, rather it focuses on questions initiated by Architects and then discussed with all participants involved into the planning and construction phase.

A good example could be for its use that the Architect is hesitating about the boiler of a house, as it will need enough space, air etc. depending on its kind. Using Share Your Design he asks the client about their preference, and also attaches an image about the current plan. All registered client to the project get informed in an e-mail about the question, and simply clicking the link in the e-mail they get to the particular question. They can answer directly using the webpage, attach documentations of specific models, redline any images as they wish, and as the result the Architect can formulate out the proper decision together with all team members. This conversation is stored also for the future, so anytime someone gets back to the point, then they just simply open up the website and check particular Message Board.

For future use the whole building documentation with all discussions can simply be printed out by just a click, the printout will hold all images, redlining and comments for archiving.

SyD can store PDF documentations, images (incl. redlining), movies, links to manufacturer sites and many more as part of the documentation, and also as part of all comments made by any participant.

What software/hardware environment do I need to run SyD™?

Architects need a computer running Windows™ or Mac OS (all versions that run ArchiCAD are supported), ArchiCAD© 13, 14 or 15 and an Internet connection. Share Your Design™ is an ArchiCAD Add-on and comes directly from inside ArchiCAD into the Architect's default browser. For this you need to install the SyD Add-On.

The Client's computer only needs a web browser, so it doesn't matter if the Client runs Windows, Mac OS or even uses an iPad/iPhone or Android device.

As an Architect do I need ArchiCAD for using SyD™?

Yes, you do. SyD™ is an ArchiCAD Add-on, and it runs from within ArchiCAD. So as an Architect you can take photos of the current view of your ArchiCAD model in 2D or 3D and share and discuss them with your Client. For this you need ArchiCAD© 13, 14 or 15 as well as the SyD Add-On to start using the SyD™ service from a simple web browser integrated with ArchiCAD.

As a Client, do I need to run ArchiCAD or any other application?

No, you don't. Clients only need to run a browser with an Internet connection. All operating systems and browsers are supported, even mobile devices too.

What do I need to install to use SyD™ services?

Only Architects need to install anything, the ArchiCAD SyD™ module along with ArchiCAD. Nothing else is required, neither by the Architect nor by the Clients.

Who stores my message boards and images when I use SyD™ services?

All SyD™ data is handled in a cloud-computing environment in the SyD™ service center (in the USA). All data is protected, you have to log in to access it, so only users with the correct user login information can access it.

Do I need to give my ArchiCAD model to my Client to successfully use SyD™?

No, definitely not. You only share individual views of your ArchiCAD project (taking snapshots of the current 2D or 3D views), then only these views are uploaded as JPG files to the specific Message Board. Your ArchiCAD model remains stored on your computer, only you have access to it.

How is my data protected?

All SyD™ data is handled in a cloud-computing environment in the SyD™ service center (in the USA). All data is protected by a login procedure, so only users with the correct user login information can access it. Your plan file remains only on your computer, and just the 2D and 3D views (snapshots) you have taken are uploaded to the Message Boards as JPG files.

Is my Client's data also protected?

Yes. You, as an Architect, can set up usernames and passwords for your Clients to log in with and give them access to the specific Message Boards corresponding to a particular project (ArchiCAD model). If a user doesn't have access entitlement or forgets the login data, that Client won't be able to access the particular Message Boards.

Without the appropriate user IDs all your data is fully protected and hidden, even if a visitor gets a dedicated link to a Message Board.

Can I use SyD™ to work with several Clients and ArchiCAD models at the same time?

Yes, sure. You can set up as many Message Boards related to ArchiCAD models (PLN files) as you wish, and assign as many Clients to any of them with no limitations. Clients can only access the Message Boards, ArchiCAD models remain accessible only to you! The individual Clients will only be able to see those Message Boards they have access rights to.

Is it really free?

Yes it is. There is no limited or restricted functionality, SyD™ is ready to serve you with its full set of features. Compared to the paying version the main difference are the storage space, the maximal allowed file size and some minor differences. Please check out the comparison chart for details: Share Your Design version comparison chart

Are there any limits when I use SyD™?

The only limit is the storage space. The core package allows you to have:

  • an unlimited number of projects (PLN files),
  • an unlimited number of Clients,
  • an unlimited number of Message Boards and
  • an unlimited number of Posts on any Message Board,

with a maximum storage space of 50MB. Please see details in the comparison chart: Share Your Design version comparison chart

The Share Your Design™ servers store all your snapshots, which take up about 30-40 Kbytes of space each on the server. This means you can create about 1000-1500 snapshots before you reach the 50MB limit. If you upload any other kinds of files to the SyD™ servers (e.g. embedding into the description pane of the Message Board or for redlining) then these also take up additional storage space.

If you do reach your storage limit, you can purchase the premium package with the storage capacity of 1000 MB. The system sends you a warning message that you need to purchase extra capacity when you have only 10 MB of free space left. To switch to premium account simply go to the settings pane, and click the upgrade button. Don't forget to enter your valid promo code if you have one e.g. related to your ArchiCAD service contract.

Where are my drawings, images and ArchiCAD models stored when I use SyD™?

All data that needs to be shown on the Client's computer/mobile device is stored on the SyD™ servers. Typically, this includes the 2D/3D snapshots taken by you in ArchiCAD, and any additional files that are uploaded to the Message Boards, including the message boards themselves. References to images, documentation or videos that are stored outside SyD™ do not use any space on our servers

It is important to note that your ArchiCAD models are used only by ArchiCAD© to create the 2D/3D snapshots within SyD™ and they are not shared or stored on Share Your Design's servers.

What happens if I move or copy my plan to a new location?

Once you share a project it becomes registered in the SyD™ project list. From that point the project gets an internal unique ID number stored inside the ArchiCAD model, with which it can always be identified regardless of its location.

Please note, if you duplicate a plan by copying it to a new location rather than moving it, there will be two identical drawings with the same ID data, so SyD will no longer be able to identify them as unique projects but as the same project.

Can other Clients see my comments published on a particular Message Board?

A specific project is shared between the Architect and all the Clients that have the appropriate user ID. All comments published on a particular Message Board can be seen by all those that have the user ID for that particular project. Without the dedicated user ID no one can see your comments

There is also a feature that allows you to send the content of the Message Board to someone outside the "team", click on the "Send to email" button in the bottom-left corner and a rich HTML link will be generated with the content of the Message Board (without the posts) along with an embedded image of it. In this case the new participant will not be able to see or modify the Message Board itself, only the content in the email.